Music of Inevitable Sounds

Exploring the boundaries between sound and music

Luc Ex uses this project to explore the liminal zone where sound and music overlap or merge.
Driven by a passion for both, he has created work for medium-sized ensemble that is based on concrete environmental sounds.
Beauty is of the essence and so is the emotion that music can evoke.

9 pieces, all based on a inevitable sound.

Our entire world is brimming with sound; an omnipresent phenomenon that is hard to escape in many spheres of modern society. Each piece springs from a specific sound that is hard to avoid in this day and age. Think of ventilators, concrete mixers, people talking loudly into their phones, building sites, robots.

These elements add up to a beautiful musical painting, which straddles the middle ground between contemporary music and urban environmental soundscapes while giving a knowing wink to the oeuvres of people like John Cage, Harry Partch or Luigi Russolo.

Nine top-ranking musicians and one leading soundwoman
The concert is performed by an ensemble comprising nine prominent musicians plus sound engineer Clare Gallagher, who creates a sonic spectacle of cinematic scope.

Music of Inevitable Sounds provides a very different take on the commonplace and offers a refreshing plunge into wondrous sound worlds.

You are cordially invited to come and listen.


made by Eric de Clercq