L’Objet Sonore #1

Instalation created by Luc Ex and in collaboration with André van der Linden.

It ‘s horn that will acousticly amplify a piece of music entirely contructed out of sounds taken from a city.

The horn can be assembled in any desired location. It’s firts appearance is planned fr 2018.

The world that surrounds us is often absurd in its wastage and obsessive in its attempts to explain everything through charts and percentages, with an economy that is ruthless as well as autistic. It can come across as soulless. If this continues our children will inherit a barren and infertile planet. Here you are: a gigantic parking lot to play in, have fun, kids! How odd.

Music and visuals can express this astonishment, highlight such amazement. This installation strives to let us experience the (urban) world from a different perspective through a gigantic horn-shaped object, designed by visual artist André van der Linden. When it plays Luc Ex’s composition the acoustics of the horn will amplify the latter in such a way that the audience will hear familiar city sounds transformed as music. The shouts of a market vendor are suddenly incorporated into a ‘libretto’ against a background of chords. For instance, composed of the noise made by accelerating trucks.

The audience can hear and visualise their environment, which it may well take for granted, with new eyes and ears.

The horn is to be displayed in public spaces where its poetic slanting shape acts as a visual comment on the surrounding rectilinear architecture. Simultaneously, it audibly reflects the omnipresent urban brouhaha.

The installation acts as a kind of sonic and visual mirror.

More info will follow soon.